My professional path as an electrical and electronic engineer

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A recent electronic engineering graduate, I am a problem-solver, passionate for FPGA and VSLI design. My time in Imperial College hoaned my resourcefullness and ability to work in a team, whilst challenging me to put all knowledge into practice. Continuing onwards, I aspire to make a significant impact in the field and learn from acclaimed professionals.


Imperial College


Imperial College of London

Degree: MEng Electrical and Electronic
Engineering with Management

Core modules: Digital System Design, Hardware Verification, Embedded Systems, Analogue IC Design, Project Management, Business Strategy, Corporate Finance

Current GPA: 75.16%, First Class

Awards: Dean’s List 3rd and 1st Year

High School

American College of Sofia

Emphasis: Physics, Mathematics, English and Geman

State exams: Mathematics – 6.00 out of 6.00; Physics – 5.90 out of 6.00

AP exams: Calculus BC – 5 out 5; Physics B – 5 out of 5

Overall GPA: 5.92 out of 6.00

American College of Sofia

Work Experience

IC Design Chips

Nordic Semiconductor

Analogue IC Designer

Worked on an oscillator and successfully improved its accuracy, power consumption and silicon area.

Learned how to design robust ICs by testing the IPs over process variation, mismatch and temperature.

Became proficient in Cadence Virtuoso by making testbenches, designing and laying out circuits.

Improved my teamwork skills by presenting and documenting my work, and helping other engineers.

My Projects

Final Year Project

Platform for Testing Power-Efficient Compression Algorithms

Developed and implemented a dedicated platform for compression algorithm testing and power optimisation.

The platform featured an IGLOO Nano FPGA and low-power NAND Flash to simulate a memory- and power-constrained environment.

Established a guide for measuring and optimizing power consumption, leading to efficient resource utilization and enhanced power conservation.

Built a memory controller using SPI and implemented a novel compression algorithm, proving the platform's capabilities.

Final Year Project
Mars Rover

Designing a
Mars Rover

Autonomous driving
WiFi control
Obstacle avoidance

Switch Mode Power Supply


Arduino Nano
PID Control
Current Sensor


and ADC

Digital and Analogue
Verilog and Quartus
CAudio Circuits

FPGA Cyclone 3 with Labels


Soft-core NIOS II
C Programming

Analogue Synthesizer

Analogue Music

Analogue Circuits
Mimics Instruments


Analysing networks
with VNA and MATLAB

RF networks
Radiation patters


Web Design and

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Divi, SEO, Photoshop, Figma, Wireframing, Typography, CPanel, Responsive Design

Electrical and

Cadence Virtuoso, ASICs, FPGA, MatLab, Simulink, LTspice, Arduino, ESP32, Quartus Prime, Verilog, C++, AutoCAD, oscilloscope, multimeters


Teamwork, Microsoft Office, Team and Project Management, Brand Development, Bulgarian, German, Copywriting, Basic Accounting

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